My First Week!

The first week of my internship at the Latino Theater Company was all about getting acquainted with the company. I was given a tour of the building by the Administrative Director, Angela Scott, which felt more like an exploration of a castle, complete with a whole a bunch of secret doors leading to hidden passagewaysThen I got familiar with their big Fall production for 2016, A Mexican Trilogy—I connected deeply with the history of the family in the play and the way they were raised.The bonds between the families are strong and I love that because it reflects my family’s connection. The three plays explore family relationships and how families deal with life’s experiences.The Trilogy reminds me of how I felt the first time I realized that there are tragic things in the world that are inevitable. I had a happy childhood so I was always oblivious to any struggles my parents had and it was not until my early twenties that I realized that life is not as easy as I thought it was and people are not as nice as they pretend to be. It also made me reflect on how horrible humanity can be at times, especially with people’s obsession with money and power. For example, how many innocent civilians have been bombed because governments could not get along? Wars have been happening since the beginning of time and are still going until this day. I really appreciate how the Trilogy highlights the sacrifices of Mexican-American soldiers and their families at important moments of U.S. history. This play will make you appreciate what your ancestors sacrificed just so that the next generation can have a better life. I’m very excited for everyone to go see this with their family and friends.

During my first week here I was included in the morning coffee run rituals with two of the office staff along with three tech staff. In these coffee runs the staff updates each other on what is going on with the different department. This activity really helps get them get ready and energized for the day—as well as the coffee.

On the first day of my internship I got to sit in on the weekly staff meeting, which to me is beneficial to observe a well accomplished company. I get to learn how they keep all the needs of the company organized. Also, I experienced a blackout on my third day of work, which was a little scary because I have a fear of the dark, and it did not help to learn that the building is haunted.

A couple of classmates and I are working on creating our own theater company, so when Lori, Company Manager, invited me to sit in on a meeting with the Department of Cultural Affairs, I was excited to join her and it was incredibly informative.

In my first week here I have observed that the staff has a strong relationship with each other, I got a family vibe from everyone. On their off seasons, little events are scheduled for the staff in order to bond and have a more cohesive team. In these events the staff is encouraged to invite their loved ones so that they can get acquainted with each other’s families. So far we’ve had a movie night that featured The Sandlot on the big screenin Theater 2 and the staff bowling championship at Xlanes in little Tokyo, it is great building friendships outside of work. It made me feel welcome, unlike some theater atmospheres I’ve experienced before. It was a challenge getting used to the adjustment of waking up early and driving through traffic, but it is absolutely worth it. I get paid to do something I love doing on my spare time and I get to witness and learn how a professional theater company functions. I get to see their struggles and how they resolve them and this is just the beginning of my internship. I have a lot more to learn, and I’m excited for the next nine weeks!