514 South Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90013 Tickets: 866.811.4111


What is the basic process to establish a booking at The LATC?
1) Submit a rental application along with an IRS declaration of 501(c)(3) status, if the organization is non-profit.
2) Speak with the Technical Director regarding Technical needs and space availability.
3) Once space scheduling and staffing needs are determined, the General Manager will draft an Estimated invoice and submit to the Producer/Renter for review.
4) Liability Insurance is the responsibility of the Producer/Renter and failure to provide will result in cancellation of the event.
5) Upon agreement of proposed amount the Producer/Renter will then submit the Certificate of Liability Insurance and a deposit for 50% of the proposed amount to reserve the space.
6) The LATC will consider the event “booked” upon acceptance of the Certificate of Liability Insurance and deposit. At this time the Producer/Renter may begin publicity and marketing of the event.

Who owns and operates the Los Angeles Theatre Center?
The City of Los Angeles purchased The LATC in 1991. However, the building is leased and operated by the Latino Theater Company, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

How are tickets sold for The LATC events and/or rentals at The LATC?
Tickets are sold exclusively through The LATC box office for all events. There are no exceptions. Anyone who rents a space or theater must use The LATC box office to sell tickets unless the event is free of charge to the public.

What is the $1/Ticket Facilities Use Fee that is charged on all admissions?
The $1/ticket Facilities Use Fee helps pay the cost of public use of the facilities during an event and is paid directly to the City of LA. The charge is due only for tickets presented for admission and not for tickets printed for the event.

Are any tickets exempt from the Facilities Use Fee?
The LATC house seats used and Press comps (six tickets max) are exempt from the $1/ticket Facilities Use Fee.

Can I have tickets printed and sold elsewhere to be exempted from the Facilities Use Fee?

Where do The LATC patrons park?
In addition to the metered street parking surrounding The LATC on Spring Street, 6th Street and Main Street, secured parking is available in five private facilities just south and east of The LATC. Parking charges are on average about $6 – 10 per car. Cars parked in the alley are subject to being ticketed and/or towed.

Does The LATC do any marketing or advertising for events/rentals?
All marketing, advertising, publicity and promotions are the sole responsibility of the producers/renters who are renting The LATC facilities. No production/event may be promoted in any way until The LATC has received a deposit.

The LATC must approve all marketing/promotional materials that mention The LATC or an event at The LATC prior to printing.  All promotional materials must include the following: The Los Angeles Theatre Center is a facility of the City of Los Angeles and is operated by the Latino Theater Company.

Does The LATC have equipment and tools for use other than lighting and sound?
Yes, we have a full assortment of technical equipment for all types of productions. However, only The LATC staff may use the equipment. Due to safety concerns, outside personnel will not be permitted to do anything that The LATC Crew deems unsafe, nor anything that might cause damage to the building or the equipment. All in house equipment has an associated charge for usage, including expendables. Simple requests for use of equipment without charge may be accommodated, but you may be billed for any damage. The Technical staff will make all decisions regarding equipment use and charges.