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The Los Angeles Theater Center in Downtown L.A. is an eighty-one thousand square foot space containing a wide variety of areas ranging from a grand lobby to four working theaters to empty office space to five stories of twisting halls and stairways.  The location is perfect for elegant party scenes in the stained glass ceiling lobby or for creating an eerie atmosphere in the catacombs that stretch beneath the building like a labyrinth.

Part of the Old Bank District, the building was built in 1916 and still holds not only the vault door a story beneath street level, but also a unique history and character in its very foundation.  The walls and ceilings behind the scenes are bare bones cement with support beams and pipes running along the tops of the halls.  LATC is a must see and is available for guided tours.  For more images and information contact our Facility Manager Wayne Nakasone, his contact info is below.

Wayne Nakasone


Phone: (213) 489-0994 Extension 123

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