Education Programs

The Latino Theater Company offers unique summer and after-school education programs that annually provides 60 culturally-diverse underserved youth age 14-25 with training in acting and theater operations. Students learn the practice of theater, gain professional training, and work with local theater professionals as well as university faculty from UCLA, USC, and Occidental College. Participants will leave the program with concrete and critical skills to support their future success in theater, film television and the media arts. Our after school program, Play at Work (PAW), takes place in conjunction with the Center’s Spring and Fall programming, with our Conservatory taking place in the summer. In addition, LTC provides affordable discounted tickets to groups of students for all of our productions and matinee performances for student classes for select shows.

Full scholarships available to all qualifying students!

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The Latino Theater Company and LATC offers unparalleled opportunities to connect high school students in Los Angeles to the arts. Theater builds skills in language arts, encourages creativity, introduces students to technical careers, and connects audiences to the larger world around them- giving insight to into perspectives outside oneself and encouraging dialogue about culture and community. By participating in our Education Programs students are exposed to theater – many for the first time – and will be poised to join the conversation about America’s national identity and voice.

A vibrant theater community depends on the engagement of young people. The LATC has proudly positioned itself as a leading producing theater dedicated to cultivating young audiences. As of 2016 65% of our patrons are under the age of 50. g audiences. As of 2016 65% of our patrons are under the age of 50